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Diagnostic Imaging



Your physician has ordered some diagnostic imaging studies.  These procedures are design to allow your physician to “see” inside your body to help him/her determine the nature and status of your health profile.  For the most part these studies are non-invasive, and cause very little – or no – discomfort at all.  The technicians and technologists that will be performing your diagnostic evaluations are constantly upgrading their skills with continuing education, advanced degrees, and industry seminars and conferences.

The kind of imaging study that will be performed differs according to what your physician wishes to see.  The following is a brief overview of the most common kinds of imaging studies your physician may order.  Keep in mind that a combination of imaging studies is not uncommon.

Click on the prompts below to access specific information about the procedure(s) your physician has ordered: 

Bone X-rays
Chest X-rays
CT Scan
PET Scan
Ultrasound Imaging
Bone Density/DEXA
Nuclear Medicine







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