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Your physician has ordered some diagnostic imaging studies. These procedures are designed to allow your physician to “see” inside your body to help him/her determine the nature and status of your health profile. For the most part these studies are non-invasive, and cause very little – or no – discomfort at all. The technicians and technologists who will be performing your diagnostic evaluations are constantly upgrading their skills with continuing education, advanced degrees, and industry seminars and conferences.

The kind of imaging study that will be performed differs according to what your physician needs to see. The links on the left will take you to brief overviews of the most common kinds of imaging studies your physician may order. Keep in mind that a combination of imaging studies is not uncommon.


Diagnostic Imaging at FMH Rose Hill:  240-566-3155

Diagnostic Imaging at Mt. Airy Health Services: 301-829-5800

Diagnostic Imaging at FMH Crestwood:  240-566-3400


FMH Imaging Services: Quality Guaranteed

Need an imaging study? There's one question you definitely need to ask: are the staff and equipment at the facility accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR)?
Accreditation is your iron-clad guarantee that the facility is complying with accepted professional standards. All imaging centers must be accredited no later than January 1, 2012, and some are still in the process of proving the validity of their approaches, standards, safety and quality to the ACR.

According to Director of Imaging Services Brent Purscelley, FMH Imaging Services has already earned across-the-board accreditation, far ahead of schedule. "This means that patients can select any imaging service at FMH with the highest confidence," he said.

"At FMH, we viewed the accreditation opportunity as a chance for us to prove to the community our desire to exceed their needs, not just meet them," said Interventional Radiologist Dr. Peter Kremers. "We want you to choose us."



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