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Clinical Laboratory

FMH offers comprehensive clinical laboratory services with the capability of performing vitually any test that your phycisian may order.

Laboratory Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday:  7:00 am to 5:00 pm

While the vast majority of the standard laboratory tests are performed at the hospital's main campus, associations with reference laboratories throughout the United States make it possible for FMH to provide a result to your physician for whatever he or she wishes to examine.

The clinical laboratory is staffed by professionals who have received accreditation and credentialing by nationally-recognized registries such as the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the American Medical Technologists association. Many have received their baccalaureate degrees in Medical Technology, and have gone on to received advanced degrees and additional certifications in medical technology.

The following is an overview of the tests and assays performed by the clinical laboratory. If you do not see the test your physician has specifically requested, rest assured we can handle both getting the test performed and sending the results to your physician in a timely manner.

You may simply walk in with your physician's order to have your blood drawn, or to drop off a specimen you have collected at home. We do suggest you call to make sure you're aware of any specific requirements for performing the test your doctor has ordered, ie. fasting, etc.


  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • H & H (Hemoglobine & Hematocrit)
  • RBC (Red Blood Cell Count)
  • WBC (White Blood Cell Count)
  • Platelet Count


Blood Bank

  • Blood Typing and Cross Match
  • Serology studies


  • Bacteria cultivation and identification
  • Mycobacteriology - Acid-Fast Rod Shaped microorganisms, such as Tuberculosis
  • Mycology - isolation and identification of fungii
  • Virology - Virus isolation and identification


  • Chemistry Profile
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Hepatic Profile
  • Cardiac Profile
  • Lipid/Cholesterol Profiles


  • Cytology
  • Histopathology


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